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Construction Begins in Lakewood and Cleveland

Officials broke ground on September 13, 2013 for the $20 million Clifton Boulevard Transportation Enhancement Project. Construction on both the Lakewood and Cleveland sides of the Clifton Boulevard corridor has begun with an anticipated completion date of December 2014. 

The improvements planned for Lakewood include new concrete bus pads and bus shelters, which are slated for completion by July 2014.     

The Cleveland portion of the project will unfold over a few phases: Cleveland Westbound Lanes Phase 1, Cleveland Eastbound Lanes Phase 2, and Cleveland Median Lanes Phase 3. The first two of these phases include new concrete bus pads, roadway and crosswalk enhancements, and the installation of new bus shelters. Beginning in September 2014, the third phase will include the installation of landscape medians in Cleveland, as well as final roadway markings and additional landscaping. 

For a full description of the range of enhancements planned for both cities, please visit the About page

A detailed schedule of the project, including the Design Phase begun in early 2010, is available on the Enhance Clifton website here.

Project Groundbreaking Scheduled for September 2013

The design phase of the Clifton Boulevard Transportation Enhancement Project is complete, with an anticipated groundbreaking in September 2013. This fully funded project of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA), in partnership with the cities of Lakewood and Cleveland, will upgrade the roadway and amenities on Clifton Boulevard, from West Clifton Boulevard in Lakewood to Lake Avenue in Cleveland. For more information on the project's updated scope, visit the About page here.

When the project is complete, the popular 55 bus route will be known as the "West Shore Express." It will be faster, safer, more reliable, and more first-class. The West Shore Express will begin at the Westgate Transit Center in Fairview Park, and continue through Rocky River to Clifton Boulevard in Lakewood and Cleveland. It passes through downtown and ends at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center at Cleveland State University. 

Timetable, as of June 28, 2013

  • Design: 100 percent complete
  • Advertise for bids: July 1, 2013 | download full RFP
  • Contract award: August 20, 2013 at RTA Board Meeting
  • Anticipated groundbreaking: September 2013
  • Construction: From September 9, 2013 to November 30, 2014
  • Construction cost estimate: $8 million
  • Total project cost: $9.46 million

RTA is looking for sponsors that appreciate the high visibility this project offers. A naming rights sponsor can have:

  • Recognition at 31 stops, including;
  • A more comprehensive presence at 19 station locations.
  • Graphic displays on the 15 custom articulated vehicles that will server the Corridor, from the Westgate Transit Center in Fairview Park, to Rocky River, Lakewood and Cleveland, through Public Square and on the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center at CSU.

For more information on the project, please visit RTA's project page at

Final Public Meetings in Cleveland & Lakewood

The final public meetings for Enhance Clifton were recently held at the Louisa May Alcott School in Cleveland and the Women's Club Pavilion in Lakewood. The design team would like to thank all of the design professionals and officials who attended, as well as the public for providing great input! Over 130 residents were in attendance between the two meetings, and gave the design team useful feedback before the next step of finalizing construction documents. 

The meetings covered the final details of the Enhance Clifton project spanning Clifton Boulevard between Lake Avenue on the eastern boundary and W. Clifton Boulevard on the west. Some important points discussed were the design and location of the new bus shelters, including bus pads and driveway aprons, peak hour bus lanes, and new signage along the entire corridor. The presentations shown at the two meetings and further details on the scope of the project can be found by clicking on the following links: 

Cleveland Final Public Meeting

Lakewood Final Public Meeting

Once comments from the public meetings have been processed and adjustments are made to the design plan, construction documents will be completed with a current deadline of February 4, 2012. Following a review of the construction documents by RTA, the project will be advertised and open to bidders on March 25, 2013. The date for construction is still to be determined, but construction will not begin until RTA Board approval of the successful bid contract scheduled for April 16, 2013. A full schedule for the project can be viewed on the website here: Project Schedule.  

Enhance Clifton Moves Forward in 2012

 Over the past year and a half, since 2010, the Enhance Clifton program has been changed in several areas. A revised project schedule can be viewed here. The RTA has now secured a significant amount of construction funding to move the project forward. The architectural and engineering firm of Richard L. Bowen + Associates Inc., that was selected by a joint panel in 2009, is continuing its efforts and has been working to prepare the 60% Design Development Submittal.

Two public meetings have been scheduled to inform residents in Cleveland and Lakewood of the updated project scope and to receive feedback before final construction documents are created.

Final Cleveland Public Meeting
Thursday, November 8, 2012
Louisa May Alcott School
W. 104th and Baltic
Cleveland, OH 44102

Final Lakewood Public Meeting
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Lakewood Women's Club Pavilion
Lakewood, OH 44107 

A summary of the current scope of the project is as follows:

  • The roadway will be widened by one-foot in both directions.
  • The driveway aprons along the Boulevard will be re-built, due to the widening.
  • The new permanent bus stations will be constructed at the previously determined locations.
  • The entire roadway will be repaved.
  • The medians will be constructed with trees and landscaping.
  • The area around W. 115th and W. 117th will have some additional streetscape enhancements, including masonry planters, sidewalk pavers and pedestrian lighting.
  • The span-wire traffic signals from W. 115th to Baltic will be replaced with mast arms.
  • The new permanent stations will still be constructed at the previously determined locations.
  • Each new station will also have a new concrete bus pad within the curb lane.
  • The curb lane will recieve new signage and pavement markings to designate when the lanes are bus-only.
  • No other construction work within the City of Lakewood will occur.

For any questions regarding the upcoming meetings or the project in general, please see the Contact page. Thank you for your continued interest in the project and we look forward to seeing you at the final public meetings. 

Lakewood's Public Work Session 8/11

The presentation given at the Lakewood public work session and notes from the four break-out groups are available by clicking on the image below. Please continue to provide feedback on the design process by submitting your comments on the EnhanceClifton website here.

Cleveland's Public Work Session on 8/5

UPDATE: Next Public Work Sessions Scheduled

Mark your calendars for the next public meetings for the Clifton Boulevard Transportation Enhancement Program. The upcoming meetings will be organized as work sessions, providing residents with an opportunity to join break-out groups focused on specific sections of the plan. At the end of the work sessions, break-out groups will report back to the entire audience.

In order to maximize the time available for public comments, the public work sessions will be split between two evenings - one for Cleveland and one for Lakewood. The Cleveland work session will cover the Cleveland side of the project (between the Shoreway and W. 117th) and the Lakewood work session will cover the Lakewood side of the project (between W. 117th and Rocky River).

Cleveland Public Work Session
Thursday, August 5th
6:00 - 8:00pm
Kirby Manor
11500 Detroit Avenue map

Lakewood Public Work Session
Wednesday, August 11th
6:00 - 8:00pm
Garfield Elementary School
13114 Detroit Avenue map

Public Comments Now Available for Viewing

Interested in reading the questions and comments from the first Public Meeting? Then visit the Public Meeting #1 page to view the notes taken during the Q+A session and transcripts of the comment cards.

If you weren't able to make it to the first public meeting, you can still submit your questions and comments through the website here. As more feedback comes in through the web, we'll add it to the Public Input page and the most common questions will be answered on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Public Meeting #1

Thank you to everyone that attended the first public meeting for the Clifton Boulevard Transportation Enhancement Program. The powerpoint presentation delivered at the meeting will be available on the website tomorrow. All the comment cards will be recorded and the most common questions will be added to the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section of the website within the next several days.

Check back to the site often for project updates and the finalized dates for the next public work sessions, which are currently scheduled for early July 2010. Please continue providing your comments and input through the Comments/Questions form on this website.


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